By On 2013-02-23

Up very early because it is the moving for the last hotel of our stay. Stagger low of fight to tidy up everything and especially to forget nothing. But before I empty the refrigerator and I make the last one big breakfast for the friends.
We run(drive) until Titusville where is the hotel which will not be more than in 45 mn of Daytona, what is very considerable eh Charly!
Arrived at our home for 5 days we perceive a swimming pool and having to bring our suitcases in rooms(chambers) I am going to prick a small head. It is necessary to say that he(it) makes 30 °. But houla!!! The water is frozen and I put several minutes to enter inside. After some breaststroke the water becomes more bearable and my friend Charly arrives and dips slightly the toe into the water and ah well, no he will not go to the swimming pool it is too cold for him. I insist and in spite of several tries of toe he is going to lengthen on a solar bench, that I make 10 mn later, and we take advantage of the sun until I hear snoring!!! Incredible this Charly dice that he makes nothing at the end of 5 mn he sleeps and wherever.
Of return in the car, where we spend all the same quite a lot of weather, and direction Daytona for the race of " truck put into series " (pick-up). On the spot we part and I go to pits to try to have beautiful photos and to steal in stands. I find myself in front of that of the " Rowdy " Kyle Bush and I have beautiful picture but not crach. I arrive, thanks to a photographer with whom I spoke during the race, to join the other crédentials photographers on " victory lane " for the delivery of the cup. Thanks to him...
After the race I join the car where I puts back my pair of shorts and my tongues to be more has.
Comfortable and while waiting for the return of " pti Belgian " and of " simpson Charly " I as to sort out photos (thank you Apple!! It is for my colleague éric). 
When both firebrands return they say to me at once " you are not going to believe in us but happened to us an extraordinary trick!!! " Well I say to them " what? " And a lot of fact that Charly has difficulty in going up staircases (because they are rather high it is true) they took an elevator but instead of bringing them to stands, they found themselves on the roof with the cameramen of the FOX. That makes them have a good laugh and they took the plenty of photos, because in more they remained all the race there!!
Here is another beautiful day which ends and we are heading for the hotel while I end these few lines. 
Tomorrow big day also with "Nationwide" of the sprint cup in the after noon and "Monster Jam" in Jacksonville in the evening.
In tomorrow...