XAVIER VERQUIN By On 2013-02-14

Hello all
We had say "we' ll be back" and we are there!! We returned and we looked forward to all the same. The flights(thefts) passed well ( charly has all the same of to throw(cast) almost all the liquids of his toilet bag he(it) return always not there!) and in the one who went from Brussels to New York, as he was not full I was entitled to a row of three seats for me only; the first class at the price(prize) of the economique.
The second plane a little less place with 45 seats; the worst that was to see how they rocked hand luggage on the trolley to put them in the hold!!! (No available place with us the plane was too small) I fast took my computer in the case.
Arrived at Jaksonville (magnificent new airport!!) we took our rented car; well this year it is a little the crisis and as we are only three (me, Christof and Charly*25) we contented ourselves of " middle class " with a chevrolet impala 6 cylinders.. they had not smaller lol.
The weather, and we knew it, was in the thunderstorm and we saw good that it had pleased and arrived on the spot we had the confirmation that the races of Volusia had been cancelled bah!! Given that I and Charly were tired it fell rather good and we went eaten in one Pizza hut (not really original!).
We found the hotel without any trouble and then to have settled down well... Sleep(dodo).
Soo good night!!! And hup in succession we open hangings to see the weather and the confirmation visual as on the net. the weather will not be beautiful today also and we do not still know if the races will take place especially the direction of race of Volusia had handed the races of yesterday evening this afternoon. As we say here "wait and see".